We want to address healthcare inequalities for women and girls in our city. In the past year, together with women and girls in Leeds, we have shone a light on the gendered impacts of Covid-19, supported the opening of multiple women-only vaccine clinics, raised the profile of women’s healthcare issues and discussed ways to better get out needs met. Take a look below to find out more and see how you can get involved.


COVID-19 Survey Findings

Back in June, we sent out a survey to find out how the women of Leeds had been affected by COVID-19. Click below to take a look at our findings and recommendations for supporting the wellbeing of women and girls in Leeds.

Our Events

We hold “Menopause meet-ups” every first Wednesday of the month and many of our weekly Friday hubs focus on healthcare issues and inequalities experienced by women in Leeds. Take a look at our Events calendar to find out more about and get involved.

Women-only Vaccine Clinics

We have been part of facilitating, supporting and promoting the opening of several women-only vaccine clinics across Leeds. These clinics have provided welcoming and private spaces for women to get their Covid-19 vaccines and get their questions addressed by an understanding healthcare professional. 

To find out where the next women’s-only vaccine clinic is running, please visit our social media here.

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