Sarah Shaw - Fall into Place

I pledge to build women and girls confidence and wellbeing through theatre and workshops

Association of Blind Asians Leeds (ABA)

 We pledge to always provide the women who use our services with support that is tailored to them and which is adaptive to their needs. We also pledge to support the women who work for us, constantly striving to understand and meet their needs.

Melissa Blackwood - Roller Girl Gang

I pledge to empower women and girls to practice self-care through activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing, such as roller skating. Roller Girl Gang are here to support them on this journey.

Hilary Turner

My son works in a pub and I pledge to discuss Ask for Angela with him tomorrow. He can then involve his pub in the scheme.


Barca-Leeds pledge to promote Women Friendly Leeds on social media. We are also exploring the opportunity of a Women Friendly Ambassador within our organisation. Over 75% of our workforce identify as women and we are extremely proud to promote female inclusivity and equity in the ways we work.

Isabel Swift - Lemon Balm Therapeutic Horticulture CIC

 I pledge to create accessible women-focused wellbeing programmes in our garden.


Blossom Training & Development commit to offering the amazing ambassadors of Woman Friendly Leeds, 2 Free spaces on each of our monthly self defence courses.

Turning Lives Around

To our women clients we pledge to ensure our service provision takes into account their complex needs through:

-A women Friendly Leeds Champion

-A Domestic Violence Champion

-Recognition of the diversity of their experiences

-Creating safe spaces for women to confidently voice their needs regarding our services

-A commitment to constantly review and develop our service provision to meet these needs

-Creating and promoting a series of workshops to encourage our male clients to understand how they can positively challenge their own behaviour and that of others, which may prove detrimental to women.

Zoe Gilbank

Help raise awareness of WFL with my peers and networks. Utilise my degree to further my understanding of women’s perceptions of safety across the city. Contribute my skills to helping WFL with their work.

Women's Counselling & Therapy Service

We pledge to identify a Women Friendly Leeds workplace champion.

Turning Lives Around

To our women colleagues, we pledge to empower you by:

-Communicating and fairly applying our policies and procedures regarding flexible working and parental leave

-Investing in ensuring a gender bias-free recruitment and career progression policy and process

-Creating a woman-friendly company culture

Kira Moxom Lumb

Always bring positive energy to the role as Ambassador. Take away learning to the organisation in which I work. Be an active advocate for women in Leeds. Share my experience & knowledge with other ambassadors. e part of sub-groups to support positive movement within the city

Urban Angels Circus

I run aerial (silks, trapeze, Aerial hoop) classes in Leeds. Most of my students are female, and I make the classes safe spaces for women and girls to be.

Basis Yorkshire

We pledge to ensure that the voices of women and girls are always at the heart of what we do.

Joanna Project

We pledge to be a place of respect, kindness and safety for women.


We pledge to take into account women and girl’s needs when developing new services, or when reviewing existing ones.

Iola Shaw

I pledge to promote the message that a Women Friendly Leeds makes for a better more equitable Leeds for everyone on my social media and in my actions.

Sue Barrett

I pledge to prepare a Cyber Security/Staying Safe online toolkit document.

Kianna Leader

I pledge to encourage young women and girls to use their voice through Vocal Girls

Jon Hindley, Men's Health Unlocked Network

I will work on the Men’s Health Unlocked group to help create a women’s safety session for men to be shared with men’s groups and partners.

Asha Neighbourhood Project

We pledge to make Women Friendly Leeds relevant to all women we have contact with.

SARSVL (Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds)

SARSVL pledges to support all women and girls in Leeds who need us, who have been affected by sexual violence of any kind, at any time in their lives. We pledge to promote their needs and rights and work towards the elimination of sexual violence.

Asha Neighbourhood Project

We pledge to raise the voices and profiles of the many communities of women in Leeds.

Women's Health Matters

Work in partnership with stakeholders to ensure we work towards becoming the first UK Women Friendly City

Humans Being

We pledge to create new training sessions for our men’s groups to empower men to challenge discrimination, harassment and abuse against women.

Emily Turner

co-ordinate a movement for Leeds to become the 1st UK Women Friendly City

Together Women Project

Continue to offer holistic, gender specific support for women and girls in Leeds in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment

Getaway Girls

We pledge to offer safe, creative young women only spaces where they can build further confidence, resilience, skills and aspirations.

Trust Leeds

Trust Leeds pledges to help even more women build confidence, skills, networks and financial capacity by nurturing new Self-Reliant Groups in Leeds.

Leeds Women's Aid

Continually make a positive difference for women and girls in Leeds

Together Women Project

Promote Women Friendly Leeds Ambassadors within our organisation

Women's Health Matters

Identify a Women Friendly Leeds workplace champion

Leeds Women's Aid

To work in partnership with stakeholders to ensure we work towards becoming the first Women Friendly City

Karl Helliwell

To make a nice website for WFL

Leeds Women's Aid

Promote Women Friendly Leeds Ambassadors both within our organisation and externally

Leeds Women's Aid

Identify a Women Friendly Leeds Workplace Champion

Kianna Leader

I pledge to support girls at Getaway Girls, especially with university worries

Jeannette Morris-Boam

To continue to promote the State of Women’s Heath report to decision makers and higher-ups in Leeds and take it as far as I can.

Claire Harrison

To assist in promoting the aims and activities of Women Friendly Leeds by creating promotional materials and social media content

Nicola Marr

use the Leeds City Listening project report to promote the voices of women in Leeds

Women's Health Matters

Listen to women and girls’ needs when developing new and reviewing existing services

Women's Health Matters

Promote Women Friendly Leeds Ambassadors both internally and externally

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