Vocal Girls

What is Vocal Girls? 

Vocal Girls, formally known as the Leeds Girls Hub, is an essential part of the Women Friendly Leeds movement! It is our job to ensure that girls and young women’s voices remain a focal part of making Leeds the first Women Friendly City in the UK, for women and girls.  

What do we do at Vocal Girls? 

Here at Vocal Girls we have created a safe space where we discuss the changes we want to see in Leeds and we work together to try and make them a reality! We have identified five core areas where we think girls and young women are unfairly impacted in Leeds. These are: equality, safety, freedom, opportunities and diversity. We would love for you to join us in creating campaigns to try and tackle these issues.  

What have we done so far?  

Protective not possessive Campaign  

The protective not possessive awareness campaign was created to highlight the issue of unhealthy relationships. We began by learning about relationships and identifying the differences between healthy and unhealthy ones. We recognised that lots of girls and young women were sometimes unclear about the difference.  

For our campaign, we created an Instagram page (@pnp2018) where we shared valentines’ day cards which had messages such as “love not control” and shared a story of an unhealthy relationship.             

 #ShesThatLeedsGirl Campaign  

The She’s That Leeds girl campaign was a photography exhibition which shared our experience of being a young woman in Leeds. We wanted to let our voices be heard and we even had our photos showcased in millennium square. 

Vocal Girls Event in celebration of International Women’s Day  

In celebration of international women’s day and the rebranding of Vocal Girls, we held a huge event full of fun, sharing and information.  

Who can join Vocal Girls and Contact:

Any girl or young woman aged 13 – 25 living in Leeds can join Vocal Girls. We have two hubs, for girls aged 13-17 we have an in-person hub and another for girls aged 18-25 on zoom every other week.

Get in contact with Naila or Dani to get involved!


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07535877090




Phone: 07535629385


Please note that we only work Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays


Social Media: 

Fb @vocalgirlsleeds

Insta @vocalgirlsleeds

Twitter @vocalgirlswfl

Tiktok @vocalgirlswfl


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